Pronounced “Skee-youth”, SKYOUTH is our student ministry, where middle and high schoolers learn about Jesus and have fun doing it.

What to Expect

On the first 3 Sundays of the month, following worship, SKYOUTH meets downstairs and participates in small group discussions specially designed for middle school and high school students and led by SKYOUTH Group leaders. Students are also invited to other activities outside of church designed just for them.

Learn about upcoming special events and activities throughout the year.


We have loving adult leaders who are committed to invest in students. Leaders complete a thorough background check before serving and we are confident in their ability to support both students and their families.

Meet the Team

Gabi Ortega

Gabi grew up in Falls Church. She provides gentle guidance, warm friendship, and a listening ear to our youth. She enjoys movies, concerts, and all food.

Marco Ortega

Marco is honored to co-lead our students ministry and is passionate about working with youth. He is a big fan of all sports, and loves food, sleep, and friends. (But, mostly sleep...and Jesus.)


SKYOUTH provides a welcoming and loving environment that equips students to show others who Jesus is and why he matters. We value and encourage our students to seek God’s presence, build relationships, and serve their community. Our desire is for each student to develop a strong faith foundation and have a personal relationship with Jesus so they can be a positive influence at home, school, and with their circle of friends.

SKYOUTH and Community

We believe that teenagers grow by engaging and connecting with one another and adults in the church, so we encourage our youth to get involved in church-wide events rather than only separate youth events. We join in serving our community and encourage our students to attend the regular church service every Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend SKYOUTH?

SKYOUTH is for students in 6th to 12th grade.

When does SKYOUTH meet?

SKYOUTH meets the first three Sundays of the month, immediately following worship. See when they meet next.

Do SKYOUTH volunteers have a background check?

All SKYOUTH volunteers must have an approved background check before serving in SKYOUTH.

What can my child expect to do at SKYOUTH?

After taking part in worship in the main sanctuary upstairs, students break out to the SKYOUTH Lounge on the lower level, where they get to hear relevant biblical truth while having fun. Meetings last about an hour.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend?

SKYOUTH welcomes everyone. We do preach and teach the good news about Jesus and are intentional about creating an environment where everyone belongs.

Can I stay with my child at SKYOUTH?

Safety is our priority at SKYOUTH. The only adults allowed to attend SKYOUTH are volunteers who have an approved background check.

What does SKYOUTH believe?

Find out what Skyline Vineyard Church and SKYOUTH believe here.